What students will learn

learn baseball

learn hard, play hard and have fun

Kul-Gunn Academy offers baseball training for students aged 10 – 19. Our philosophy is to deliver professional training in a fun environment which fosters a positive attitude, true teamwork and increased mental and physical abilities.

Students will learn

  • how to play the game of baseball
  • how to improve batting, pitching and fielding techniques
  • how to improve mental toughness, speed/agility, nutrition, hand-eye coordination and leadership ability
  • how be recruited into a baseball team

The group mental and physical training sessions will improve your child’s balance, movement, concentration, confidence, flexibility and power.

Baseball training

Skills we teach and develop include:

  • Hitting – proper mechanics, mental approach, plate discipline, situational hitting, bunting
  • Catching -receiving, blocking, throwing/footwork mechanics, game calling
  • Base running -primary and secondary leads, jumps, routes, steal keys, situational rules, sliding techniques
  • Pitching – proper mechanics, arm-up routines, throwing programs, on-field drills, the mental side
  • Fielding – proper mechanics, footwork, defensive positioning, cut-offs and relays, infield/outfield communication
  • Physical performance training -increase speed/agility, build explosive power, increase endurance, injury-prevention

Who is welcome?

The Kul-Gunn Baseball Academy is open to pre-teens and teens (between 10-19 years) who are committed to learning how to play baseball properly.  You don’t necessarily need to have any prior experience, but you do need a positive attitude and a willingness to participate.

Training programs

At present we offer three training programs

  1. 8 Weel Academy Program
  2. Private Instruction
  3. Timberjacks Carnival