The 17 year old Who Inspired the Creation of Kul-Gunn Academy

Todd McDonaldAlthough it has been played here for over 135 years, baseball is a relatively minor sport in Australia, and most people are unaware of Australia’s baseball history and many success stories.

One such success story was the day a 17 year old aboriginal boy Todd McDonald was signed by the Texas Rangers Major League baseball organisation.

Todd only started playing baseball at age 12, when his Mum gave him an ultimatum, Baseball or Cricket. She wanted him to play a sport.  He was almost lost to cricket, but after considering the hours in the field and the possibility of not even getting an opportunity to bat, he chose baseball. Five years later he was signed by the Texas Rangers for $475,000.  Todd is now working his way through the Texas Rangers Minor League system and with hard work and a little luck he will play Major League baseball in the USA.  A truly phenomenal effort, and we are so pleased that Todd’s mum gave him that ultimatum- as no doubt he is.

Looking back through the many years that my friends and I have been involved in baseball, I could see that there have been limited opportunities for Aboriginal players.  In fact when I reviewed membership stats of my own club, I could only identify five Aboriginal players from nearly 300 members.

We realised that baseball as an organisation has had minimal exposure within indigenous communities.  After discussing this with a few baseball minded friends, we decided to do something about it; to give other aboriginal youths the same opportunities that Todd McDonald was fortunate enough to obtain.

Within weeks of tossing this idea around it came to life.  We are absolutely thrilled with the interest and support we have received from various people and organisations and with the momentum gained;  Kul-Gunn is now on its own pathway.

See the full story of Todd McDonald, the Inspiration behind the Kul-Gunn Baseball Academy.  australian-young-gun-todd-mcdonald