The  Kul-Gunn Philosophy

The Kul-Gunn Baseball Academy is a venture born by a bunch of baseball fanatics who want young people to have the opportunity to learn, play and succeed in baseball. Check out the story about Todd McDonald, the young man who unknowingly provided us with the inspiration to create the Kul-Gunn Academy.

baseball careerWe see sport as a breeding ground for success both on and off the field.  It is our aim to present a learning experience that extends the abilities of players and prepares them for any future they choose.

Many sporting clubs are social clubs with a common love of a sport, however not all clubs are not equipped to manage and develop young players who really want to advance their career in baseball.

The Kul-Gunn Academy is focussed on the needs of young baseball players by supplying them with professional coaching, management and pathways that may not be available to them at club level.  We work with clubs, schools, universities and communities to develop young players for the future of Australian baseball.

Our goal is to equip young players with the skills and knowledge to expand their opportunities in Australia or to pursue a career in baseball overseas. The programs we offer will develop players so that they are ready for any opportunity that may come their way.

Our certified, professional staff provide a positive learning atmosphere were players can enhance their skills through mentoring and teamwork.


What’s in the name?

yugambeh-museumWhen naming our academy, we looked for a word that encapsulated the essence of what we are striving to achieve – ……”to build pathways for our young players”.  The name “KUL-GUNN” (pronounced ‘Cool-Gun’) comes from the Yugambeh dialect, a local Aboriginal language used in the Logan, Beaudesert and Gold Coast regions of Queensland, Australia, and we believe it is just perfect.

With help from the Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre we sourced a translation for the word ‘Pathways’.  The word ‘KUL-GUNN’ is borrowed from the Yugambeh dialect which in it’s more direct translation means ‘ROAD’, however it can also be used in referencing the words ‘PATH’ or ‘PATHWAY’.  With the consent of the Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre we are using the latter translation of the word, which is ‘PATHWAY’.

Cool Name, Gun Academy.